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DIR-3 KYC (Web Form)

DIR-3 KYC (Web Form)

DIR-3 KYC (Web Form)


Service Description:-

All DIN holders are required to file the Form DIR-3 KYC every year at MCA, so that MCA and Directors are aware of and confirm the data and information as available in the MCA21 system.
DIR-3 KYC (Web form) is filed in following conditions:
1. DIN holder has submitted DIR-3 KYC e form in the previous financial year, and
2. no update is required in his/her details.

What will you get?
1. Preparation of DIR-3 KYC (Web Form)
2. Filing of Form with OTP verification

Document Required:-

1. DIN
2. Mobile Number for OTP verification
3. E-mail ID for OTP verification

Price Breakup:-

Basic Price : ₹500.00
GST @18% : ₹90.00
Government fees : ₹0.00
Final Price : ₹590.00
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