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Digital Signature Certificate - Class 3 ( Individual ), Validity- 2 years
₹1770.00 ₹1,947.00

1. DSC Class 3 is used for filing documents to the Registrar of Companies, Income Tax Return, MCA forms, Audit Reports, etc.
2. In Class 3 DSC, the identity of a person is verified against a trusted and pre-verified database.
3. It is issued for both business and private individuals use
4. Its Validity Period is two Years

DIR-3 KYC (Normal)
₹885.00 ₹973.50

All DIN holders are required to file the Form DIR-3 KYC every year at MCA, so that MCA and Directors are aware of and confirm the data and information as available in the MCA21 system.
This form needs to be filed in following conditions:
1. When DIN holder is filing his/her KYC details for the first time. or
2. When DIN holder has already filed his/her KYC once in e-form DIR-3 KYC but wants to change its details.

What will you get?
1. Preparation of DIR-3 KYC (Normal)?
2. Filing of Form with OTP verification.

GST Cancellation
₹1180.00 ₹1,298.00

Willing to cancel your GST number, just buy this service and leave everything on us:

This is what all you get in this service:
1. Filing of application for revocation GST REG -16
2. Filing of GSTR-10 (Final Return)
3. Obtaining cancellation certificate

Note: Application for revocation cannot be filed if the registration has been cancelled because of the failure to furnish the GST returns.

GST Returns (GSTR3B and GSTR1) - 6 Months
₹4602.00 ₹5,062.20

What you will get ?
1. GSTR -3B Monthly Filing for 6 Regular Months.
2. GSTR- 1 Quarterly Filing for 2 regular quarters for which GSTR-3B has been filed by us.
3. Support up to 1 Year for filed return.

Nagar Nigam Registration
₹1499.99 ₹1,649.99

What you will get ?
1. Application filing document assistance.
2. Expert Assistance on checking of documents.
3. Preparation of Gumasta application.
4. E- Filing of application.
5. Delivery of Nagar Nigam Certificate ( Soft Copy ).
6. Support for 6 months.

Partnership Firm Registration ( Complete Package )
₹4159.99 ₹4,575.99

Service Package Contains :
(A) Partnership Services
1. Preparation and Drafting of Partnership Deed
2. Stamp Purchase coordination from Stamp Vendor
3. Deed Printing on Stamp Paper
4. Document Signing Coordination

(B) Necessary Registrations
1. Nagar Nigam Registration
2. Gumasta Registration
3. GST Registration

Note : A government fees of approximately INR 4500/- will be applicable ( this fees is not included above )

Private Limited Company Registration
₹20719.76 ₹22,791.74

What you will get ?
1. Certificate of Incorporation
2. Issuance of PAN of Company
3. Issuance of TAN of Company
4. Digital Signature of 2 Directors
5. DIN of 2 Directors
6. Collection and Preparation of Documents
7. Filing of Name Approval Form
8. Preparation of Relevant forms and affidavits.
9. Filing of documents.
10. Getting Certificate of Incorporation.
11. Delivery and support upto 1 year.

Provident Fund (PF Registration)
₹8260.00 ₹9,086.00

If you are an employer and willing to deduct PF of your employees then this services will solve your purpose.

What you will get in this service :
1. Preparation of EPF registration application.
2. Validation of documents
3. Filing of application
4. Digital signature of applicant.
5. Obtaining registration certificate.

Udyog Aadhaar / MSME / Udyam Registration
₹1770.00 ₹1,947.00

Looking forward to enroll your business into MSME ,just buy this service and get your registration easily, Udyog Aadhaar/Udyam used to be referred as MSME registration earlier.