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A better way to manage your GST Compliances !

G.S.T has been a riddle for every business owner since inception, we are trying every day to make it simple for you. Give us a try !

Just Drag & Drop Your data Bills

We will segregate the bills, make entries for you, experience complete peace of mind.


Our system automation help us to validate all the bills inputs through GST Server.


Get more than 50 parameters analytics for your filed return, get to know your statistics well.

Your tax return goes through 3 checks. When makers meets checkers, & payers.

Lots of figures in GST Returns makes it prone to clerical error while filing, dont worry, we have a 3 layer process to catch even the smallest mistake.

  • MAKER will segregate you entries/bills, prepare computation of return.
  • CHECKER will check the computation to its accuracy.
  • If any tax liability and occurs PAYER will check again and get it paid.

Reconciliation of Input Tax Credit a BIG ISSUE ! Don't worry we are over it !

Matching input tax credit to bills, checking eligibility of credit, following up to the party who has not passed the input, is altogether an important but significantly a waste of time for business owners.

  • We ensure monthly matching of Input credit.
  • We will provide you with the list of parties whose bills are not matching or not found.
  • Alarm you at regular intervals for Input mismatch.

Discover what makes GST Filing with Paper tax great.

Paper tax endeavour is to make G.S.T compliance easy and at the same time keep your G.S.T stuff at your finger tips.

Support for tax payment

Dedicated support & a Paper tax wallet helps you to pay tax challan in a transparent way.


At all the crucial stages of your tax return you will be notified via mail, message & calls to keep you updated.

Checker is stranger to maker

To maintain discipline, accuracy and to avoid collusion our system doesn't allow maker to know who is the checker.

Task Timeline

Task timeline will let you track every action taken on your G.S.T return with date and time stamp.

Click to call

Now no need to save tax expert contact on your mobile just go to paper tax app and connect with your advisor at single click.

Lets find out what Maker,
Checker & Payer is actualy responsible for while filing your G.S.T Return ?


Maker is the first person
who interacts with the data

Maker role is to:
  • Segregate Entries/Bills
  • Enhanced Security
  • Assess Entries/Bills
  • Preparation of Computation
  • Verify GST Number of parties.
  • Match Input tax credit with GSTR-2B.
  • Include Amendments of previous months.
  • Interact with you for queries.


Checker ensure the critical
examination of details made by maker.

Checker role is to:
  • Check entries with bills.
  • Check Tax calculation.
  • Check input tax credit
  • Check ineligible credit if any.
  • Checking of debit & credit notes.
  • Check GST Rates applied.
  • Check for HSN Codes accuracy.


Payer ensures accurate tax payment
& provide dedicated support to client for payment.

Payer role is to:
  • Check Tax Payable Head wise.
  • Check Head wise set off.
  • Ensure Input Credit Utilization.
  • Ensure Reverse Charge Payment.
  • Recall Input credit reversal if any.
  • Provide support for tax payment.
  • Payment of Challan.
What will be the first step i need to go through with Paper Tax ?

After Signup/login you will be alloted with the primary advisor who will answer to all your initial queries/doubts and will let you understand onboarding process

How can i start filing my G.S.T Returns with Paper Tax ?

With the exclusive website and mobile app loaded with GST services, just fill your cart with the service of your choice , pay & you are all set.

What should i do after payment?

We will be requiring some basic information/documents such as PAN Number, the documents you have in support of filing of tax return, you need not to upload documents right away you can do it later.

How can i track my return progress ?

With the live track facility you can track every action on your task, your advisor will prepare your draft tax return & provide you with the blueprint of your tax return for approval.

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Have a look on each service, go throught what you will get in it and then select which is best for you.

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